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Vacancy: Marine Superintendent in Aberdeen

Marine Superintendent – Aberdeen

The Marine Superintendent, who represents the Company, is responsible for maintaining professional attitude towards clients and ensures that good seamanship and best practices prevails throughout the operations.

Job Purpose
Plan offshore marine operations for rig moves of semi-submersible and jack up units, and render marine consultancy service and marine assurance on behalf of Clients.

Attend offshore operations on behalf of the Company, acting in the capacity as Marine Representative, during rig move and offshore marine operations.

Dimensions of the job
In carrying out the tasks and duties assigned to him/her, the Marine Superintendent will be responsible to the Vice President and will report to the Vice President on a daily basis on any and all aspects of the work for which he/she is responsible.
• Acting as contract holder for assigned clients, and managing the contract under its terms.
• Act as a main point of contact for the clients under their jurisdiction.
• Liaising with the clients on daily basis and updating the rig move or other jobs status.
• Responsible for the cost control of each job, conducted under the contracts, hereunder opening new jobs in the NAVISION system. Controlling the cost during execution of the work and close out the job.
• Prepares quotes and costs for clients based on contract rates and Company Limits current rates as applicable.
• Prepares operation specific procedures, risk assessments and any other marine jobs within their competency for the clients, according to the industry standards, unit specifications and client instructions.
• Attends rig move meetings with the clients and updates the rig move procedures as required.
• Prepares and organises publication and distribution of final documentation.
• Briefs vessels, the Marine Representatives, the Towmaster or the Field Marine Superintendents on the operation specific procedure where and when applicable.
• Keeps daily update on the status of each ongoing rig move.
• Check and assess the reports after completion of the offshore operation and approve the final report for publishing and distribution to the client.
• Plan rig moving services according to Company - general practise
• Archives the completed jobs according to applicable processes.
• Attends offshore operations as Marine Representative or Towmaster.
• Perform accident/incident investigation onboard the offshore vessels, as requested by the client.
• Perform out on and off hire survey on request of the client.
• May arrange for  the  tracking of the additional mooring equipment on mob and demob, if requested by the client,
• Perform Common Marine Inspections, Team Marine, Guard Vessel audits and ERRV Validation Trials or other audit, as requested by the clients,
• Participates in the ‘On Call’ rota during out-of-office hours and holidays,
• Shares experience with the other Marine Superintendents.
Decision making and financial authority
• To advise the offshore mariners on various marine matters during specific offshore operations,
• To approve for payment the offshore mariners fees and travel expenses according to the TMS process and the approved Schedule of Rates in the client contract, as per authority matrix.
• To approve Purchase orders for mooring equipment, nautical publications, ordering for weather forecast and other marine matters on behalf of the clients for any particular job.
• To book air tickets, taxi and accommodation for the offshore mariners when ‘on call’ and for himself, when on business trips, as per authority matrix.
 • Financial Authority as per delegate of authority

Job knowledge, experience, aptitude and attitude.
The Marine Superintendent is required to have job knowledge of and experience in:
• Working in the role as Marine Representative during rig moves of semi-submersibles or jack-ups and offshore vessel operations.
• Knowledge of safety management systems, contingency manuals and health, safety and environmental in force onboard the mobile offshore units or vessels.
• Proficient with mooring systems and rig move procedures.
• Courses, as per training matrix.

The Marine Superintendent shall hold following certifications:
• Certificate of competency as Master Mariner or Chief Officer unlimited certificate of competency with minimum 3 years offshore experience as Master or Deck Officer.
• Offshore survival certificate for working in the area concerned.
• Medical certificate for working in the area concerned.
• Applicable vaccination as required for the area concerned.
If you would like more information on this role or if you would like to apply please forward your CV to Loren Rich at or call Loren on 02380 225454 to speak directly.
You can also apply online at and the reference number for this position is CCO2094.

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